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Patented electronic golf, golf swing, golf chipping, and golf putting practice devices, training and practice devices, swing, chipping, putting, putting greens, putting green, golf training machines, golf practice machines, golf training devices, golf practice devices, golf swing machines, golf swing devices, golf swing aids, golf training aids, golf practice machines, golf training machines, golf practice aids, golf chipping nets, golf driving targets, golf chipping targets, golf chipping machines, golf chipping aids, golf swing aids, golf swing devices, golf chipping devices, golf putting aids, golf putting devices, golf putting machines, golf putting greens, golf, golf accessories help golfers lower their scores by practicing ProGolf and ProChip indoor. ProGolf provides years of fun to practice with. Please find below for major features that ProGolf has to offer.

ProGolf II PG-200: Golf swing and putting practice device. Now available the second generation. For the first generation ProGolf, please check out our web site for details. Additionally, for the functions that
The ProGolf II has to offer other than the first generation ProGolf, please find below.
1. Choose up to 4 golfers.
2.3 professional virtual golf courses to choose from.
3. Club head speed displayed in MPH.
4. Includes water hazards and bunkers.
5. Club selector-- choose up to 13 clubs!
6. View total scores up to current hole any time.
7. Putting distance to pin shown in feet.
8. Displays shot distance up to 320 yards.
9. Hook/Slice Indicator.
1 piece/8 kg/9 kg/2.00 cuft(63 cm x 17 cm x 53 cm)

ProChip PC-100: Electronic chipping and driving target. A 2-in-1 design, which has the functions of chipping net and driving target shown electronically(purchase optional, not included). For more information, please check out our web site or the product page. Please also note that currently we have two types of
SKINS to choose from. One is the dart-board SKIN, and the other one is the golf Scene SKIN.
1 piece/2 kg/2.125 kg/0.51 cuft(74 cm x 24.5 cm x 8 cm)

ProChip indicates the spot the golf ball drops on the target mat instantly by showing and sounding so that the golfers can concentrate on practicing.

Patented electronic baseball, baseball, electronic baseball pitching aids, electronic baseball pitching devices, electronic baseball pitching trainers, electronic baseball pitching machines, electronic baseball pitching targets help baseball players sharpen their pitching skills by practicing propitch/strike em out. Propitch/strike em out provides years of fun to practice with. Please find below for major features that ProPitch/Strike 'em Out has to offer.

ProPitch/Strike 'em Out: Electronic Baseball Pitching Target, Pitching Net and Pitching Trainer provides years of fun and practice. ProPitch tells the pitcher the spot the baseball hit the target mat with professional American Major League voice sounded. ProPitch has 10 ball zones, including the batter zone and an electronic scoreboard to record your pitches. Newly patented and endorsed by Noland Ryan! Check out our US distributor's web site.
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